Brett_JohnsonThe Darknet Exposed

On October 4, 2017, the Oklahoma City Division of the FBI invited members of the Citizen Academy Alumni and current class attendees to view a presentation from Brett Johnson.  Mr. Johnson, is a Former United States Most Wanted person, once referred to by the U.S. Secret Service as “The Original Internet Godfather,”  His presentation included an overview of various fraud types, how they are executed and ways to protect against them.  This was a great presentation that highlighted how cyber crime has changed over the years and how it is not always about technology.  The event was well attended and alumni appreciated the opportunity to learn with the agents and staff of the FBI.


Oklahoma has several concealed carry permit holders, but what could they expect if they had to shoot? davcidFortunately, Mr. David Prater, Oklahoma County District Attorney, was willing to share his perspective with our alumni members. He not only provided a great overview of the law, he focused on making sure anyone that carries a weapon thinks about the importance of being prepared. Much of the discussion was around the stress and impact that having to shoot causes and the risks of not being prepared. Mr. Prater made it clear that the law supports an individual’s right to protect themselves and talked about many factors that go into deciding if someone would be charged with a crime associated with having to shoot. He addressed questions from our members and even walked the group through situations that highlighted some of the right and wrong people might encounter.