SCAM Alert: Protecting The Ones We Love

On November 8, 2017, our own Elaine Dodd shared a presentation on scams and fraud.  The focus was on educatielainedoddpresentationng the audience on common scam approaches and ways to protect ourselves and the ones we love.  At one point she asked, do you know why senior’s are targeted … because they often have money.  She demonstrated how fraudsters use minimal information to target people and play on their fears and emotions.  With over 20 alumni and guests in the audience, she provided great value and answered many questions.  Elaine is an active member of our community, a board member in our alumni chapter and serves as Executive Vice President – Fraud Division for the Oklahoma Banker’s Association.

Community Involvement:  Edmond Central Middle School Celebration Eventcentralmiddleschool2

Our alumni chapter participated in Central Celebration at Edmond’s Central Middle School.  This event was sponsored by the Parent Teacher Organization as a fund raiser for school programs.  The alumni joined with members of the local FBI to increase awareness, provide information about child and online safety programs, as well as help educate the public on careers within the FBI.  Many thanks to our alumni participants and the support from our local FBI division and staff.